The Bullmastiff breed is our passion.

It was sheer chance we met this breed.
We had dogs before, but no one of them was able to involve us with so much intensity.
Nenci del Brancaleone has been our first Bullmastiff. She is a beautiful brindle female with a strong body and a sensitiveness like a human being.
She quietly entered in our life, obliging us to do things that we did never plan as to go to the shows, even just to meet other Bullmastiffs.
We have been involved little by little. We thought to buy another good specimen of the breed...and we went to Dox.
Dox is a very welknown American kennel that breeds dogs of great importance, with excellent bloodline and guaranteed from strict controls actions to avoid genetic tares.
One year after we were listed in their book list waiting for a red pup out from prestigious bloodlines and important dogs like Fast Freddy, Producer Champion for years, and Ivanhoe, a brindle male of excellent size, body and head.

Dox N Canas Cow Boy "Rusty" , our first Bravi Ragazzi, came home. He is a poweful dog, with a very sweet temperament. We believe he is the ideal dog for anyone desires a molossian, but a molossian with a golden heart.
As soon as Nenci saw him, she decided that he wasnt allowed to enter and expecially into the kitchen. Rusty, with kindness, trying contacts with her,  and respecting her, has been able to be accepted by her... 

They are an inseparable couple...
Nenci is the chief of the pack, and Rusty has a big room in the heart of everyone of us.

In February 2001 the engaged couple decided to get married. "They decided", even if we thought to mate them the next time of season since Rusty was very young and he didnt show signs of interest. Everything  was changed by their iron will. Two months later nine puppies were born. They were eight males and one female, five brindles and four reds. All of them were beautiful like the sun, a real good fellows team. We would have liked to keep all of them and we were really very sad when they went to their new homes but we couldnt leave one of them, named Ivanhoe, in honour of his important grandsire.

Our Ivanhoe is red like his sire, a little bit blonder and very nice...

They are our Bravi Ragazzi - Good Fellas. They have been going to the Shows and have got some good results and most of all they receive the attention and they are taken at once by the presents.
Ivanhoe gained in a few months the titles of Junior Italian Champion and  Junior San Marino Champion and was Best in Show at the Swiss Clubmatch in Zurich. At the young age of 14 months he got 7 BOBs and 1 BOS.
It is a very good result, isnt it?
Iarda of Agfa L'Ase came at us on the 16th July 2002. She is a wonderful blond puppy, very lively and joyful.
The beautiful story of our Bravi Ragazzi is going on also with Iarda, that will keep into our Bullmastiff family the genetic patrimony of an American Kennel, Blazin, and that one of the important Bullmastiffs of the Nordic Countries.

Nadia Furlon & Raffaele Germoglio
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